Monday, April 5, 2010

So ther were a few things that I can't believe I forgot in my last post...
1) I was hit by a boda while crossing the street-i looked the wrong direction first and stepped out into the road. Opps! Luckily it was only the man's hands that hit my arm and his feet that scraped my legs...It seems like everyone I encounter in the Physical therapy dept at the hospital is there because they have broken bones caused by a boda (motorcycle) accident. The roads are a dangerous place...
2) I experienced a little bit of mob justice and it was scary. Outside of our cafe a few nights back there was a traffic accident. I don't know if the van hit another van or a person, but there were about 50-75 people crowding around the accident trying to get the driver out of his car. They were able to steal his ignition key but couldn't get him out. He had a couple friends push his car with him in it out of the crowd. As far as government authorities in those matters go there usually isn't a lot of "justice" that is gotten so people tend to take things into their own hands.

Here's what's new:
1) I spent the night with the kids at Musana on Easter. It was so much fun! They love performing for a camera. One of my favorite things though, was getting to tuck in all the little girls that went to bed early. All got hugs and kisses (some zerburts lol). They are so adorable.
2) Today I spent most of the day in our volunteer house having my hair done. It was 7 hours of hair pulling and twisting. I now have about a pound of fake hair twisted in of different colors lol. I freaked out for a brief moment and then remembered to relax and enjoy! this is the longest my hair has been and heaviest ever. There is so much of it!
Tonight we went to the cafe after dinner and watched Avatar. Good movie :)
3) Tomorrow I'm going bungee jumping at the source of the Nile! I am so excited and scared. I can't wait for the adrenaline rush. I have already had vivid dreams about it :)

Ok well until the next one...bye for now

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  1. Britt,
    Sounds like things have been pretty EXCITING for you lately!!! Continue doing all the things God has sent you there to do and be safe! Know that we are praying for you and all the kids at Musana.