Friday, April 2, 2010

A little bit of everything

Again, it has been way to long since my last update. Time seems to be flying bye. With 16 people in a house and about an hour each night to use internet 2 at a time, it can be a bit difficult to find time on here. Therefore, I decided 2 am would be a good time to do this so here we go by days...
Last Friday: It was a pretty normal day as far as routine goes. I went to Musana, then the hospital, Musana, and the cafe at night. Since our cafe is so new, there are a lot of people that still don't know about it in Iganga. Since there were 5 of us girls there that night without the boys, we decided to have a dance party on the balcony. That definitely got the attention of people who came up to join us. I met so many people that night. It was fun to really interact with people outside of the Musana crowd. I met almost the whole rugby team from the local university. I have never really watched rugby but I think we may go watch a game soon, possibly take the kids from Musana sometime. Almost all of the rugby players are Kenyan. They tried very hard to persuade us into taking a trip to Kenya in the near future. My roommate, Erina, and I are thinking about going for a safari!
Saturday: There was a bit of relaxing in the morning before heading to musana for a bit. It was guardian day at Musana. All the guardieans of the children were invited to musana to come and see how the kids were doing in academics and in school. It was pretty neat to get to meet them. From 2 to 12 I worked at the cafe. It was a long night.
Sunday: We took the remaing 10 kids from Musana who had not be to Jinja for swimming to go to the pool. They were so cute. We tried to teach them to float/swim, but it was hard b/c they were so scared...They really loved the experience though.
Monday: I had my second project made for Musana: monkey bars. They just got cemented into the ground today, but I debated on even putting them up because the kids were having so much fun playing with them on their side (kids here are so resourceful). Sad news...our monkey got away and we randomly have seen her come by the house. We are pretty sure she is not coming back though. We think some kids have tied her up and made her their own :(.
Tuesday: normal day. I got to spend a lot of time at musana and made some sweet beads with the kids for the craft jewelry we sell. It was pooring rain while we made the beads. I love the sound of the water hitting the tin.
Wednesday: Nothing out of the ordinary.
Thursday: I made some amazing brownies at the cafe and then I took some to the hospital with me. Everybody loved them! I may make it "brownie Thursday" all the time. There is one lady at the hospital, Margaret who I see every time I am there. She fell off a boda(motorcycle) and broke both of her legs. She is starting to walk so much better now and get stronger. It's been good to get to work with her and see her progress. On another note...the 3 boys from Missouri have been doing a lot of work on the farmland that Musana bought out in a nearby village. They cleared the land, plowed and started planting. On Thursday they were surprised by a cobra snake. The farm boys from musana that came with the missouri boys chopped it's head off. So scary...all the snakes around here are poisonous. All the kids at Musana said there was a two headed snake last year down by their well lol.
Friday: Today was Good Friday so the kids had the day off of school. We spent the whole day at Musana playing with the kids. We had more volunteers come today, so the kids put on a special program of singing and dancing. So cute...I tried to record some of it but it just turns into all the kids wanting to grab the camera and do the recording lol. It's so cute but frustrating when I actually want something to have a picture. I helped sift through rice today. All the kids help with it. We don't want to bite down on any rocks while we are eating. I don't eat at Musana a lot because for lunch they usually have posho( a cornmeal substance) and beans. I almost always get the taste of dirt and the crunch of something in my posho lol. I never can eat it all either; they give us so much food. The kids are so good about sharing our leftovers :). We had lots of surprises for the kids today; it was so much fun. Half the kids tie dyed shirts today and the other half will tomorrow. My swing set got delivered and put into place. The kids had no idea they were getting it, so they were so excited. The other big surprise was that our volunteers purchased 2 live goats for Musana to cook! The kids dont' get a lot of meat so this was a huge deal. However they slaughtered one today on campus and skinned it. The kids thought it was cool...I couldn't watch. I have this whole thing about not being able to eat things I've pet. Another natural surprise was the rain storm we had. The storm turned into a huge water fight. It was so much fun! One time i got surprised by water and gasped and swallowed a small bug :( so disgusting! We have such amazing kids. They all have such personalities! Update on Alex (the boy who wrote me a note) is that I wrote him back and within 2o min he had already written me another. He is so smart, but he is kind of shy around me now :) lol. Each day I learn more names of the kids that actually live at Musana (about 75). I am trying so hard to get all the names down. I think I almost have them all, but then you mix the day schoolers in there too and it's a whole other story lol.

Very random and out of place really throws me off to look up in the sky and think that I am seeing a flock of birds that actually turns out to be bats. It's so weird for it to be so natural.

Ok that's all for now. Until next time..bye for now.

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  1. Britt,
    Sounds like things have been pretty EXCITING for you lately!!! Continue to do all the things God has sent you there to do! Know that we are praying for you and all the kids at Musana.