Thursday, April 29, 2010

NIght visitors

After several unsuccessful attempts to write this blog, I am determined to get it done tonight. Sorry for making everyone wait 2 weeks to find out what's been going on with me. First of all the immigration officers never came back nor were our passports confiscated. If I made you all worried sorry for that. Sense it's been awhile my updates are of whats been happening are probably going to come out in a random order as time seems to be flying by and blurring together.
1) Last night after my housemate ryan played a private concert to me and my roomate (he wrote a great song about our long gone monkey) I was woken up by something scurrying accross my hair. My conclusion was that it was either a mouse or a lizard. Needless to say I had a hard time getting back in my bed to go to sleep. I remember seeing a lizard on the wall in my room yesterday. After I calmed down I wondered if it really happened or i simply dreamed it and woke right up...but I think it really happened. I'm thoroughly checking my bed when I get done with this.
2) I have been to the hospital and clinics too much lately. First I went last week with one of our kids after he got hit in the eye with one of our metal swings! I felt so bad for him. Hospitals are scary and the doctor wouldn't let me be near him to hold his hand during the stitches. This boy was so brave though. Next outside of being there for the physical therapy observations I do three times a week, I was there a few days back with one of our 16 year old boys. He was complaining of hip pain. We decided to take him to get x-rays at a clinic before taking him to the hospital. After consulting 3 physicians, we are pretty sure he has a diseas called Perthes. The disease affecst both of his hips. What happens is blood doesn't get to the head of the femur (thigh bone) so the bone starts to die and degenerate. Over time the bone should regrow but it is a painful process and my not reform properly. However, he has had this since the age of 5 but it was never diagnosed because he hadn't ever had x-rays before. The boy has been dealing with a constant pain for 11 years! I noticed he walked different when I first got here but I just thought it was his "strut" to be tough. Now we have to decide what to do next. Because of his age and how long he's been affected the options of traction (laying in a hospital bed for 3 weeks with waits attached to his legs) or surgery have been suggested. Either way his recovery is a long process so please pray for guidance it what we should do next for him.
3) I witnessed the aftermath of a woman get hit by a taxi. She was carrying a child accross the road in front of our cafe when she passed out and then the van hit her. There is no sort of "911" emergency system here so someone simply put the woman in a car and drove off. Of course a mob formed immediately and everyone in the taxi ran away! It was so crazy and hearing it all happen and then seeing the post accident made my adrenaline pump. There was no actual mob justice that took place thank goodness. The police actually showed up. I have heard that both the mother and child are fine.
4) The cafe continues to get good business and we have great crowds on nights that have either a cricket match or a soccer game showing. We built a large screen out of a wood frame and white sheet to hang on our balcony and project games onto. We also host Tuesday movie nights on it. It was crazy a few nights ago when the World Championships was on for Cricket. We probably had 50 Indians filling the inside of our restaurant. The were so loud and excited. Whenever we watch soccer games from the balcony we get a huge group of people that stand in the road down below. It's a pretty cool sight. I have helped the cafe with a few projects thanks to your donations that will hopefully help the cafe to truely become a self-sustaining project for Musana. Extra chairs were bought for when there are big sporting events (World Cup this summer), made a jewelry display for the necklaces, bracelets and earrings that the kids make, and I started the project of setting the cafe up for interenet. The internet was supposed to be started today but our providers haven't followed through yet. It's my job to keep on them about it otherwise it could be a month before we have Internet access.
5) The kids took exams 2 weeks ago and didn't do so well...Because of that the kids have lost quite a few privileges with us volunteers. Apparently there was too much play and not quite enought study going on. So now we get to help do tudoring with the older kids that are left over the holiday (all kids from Nursery through our equivalent of 4th grade got to go back to the village with a guardian for a few weeks). It was a sad day when all the little ones left, but i am really excited to tudor some of the older girls in areas that they need help, especially math and english. Although over all the kids didn't do well on the exams there were a few who got all first grades (straight A's) so we took them on a day trip. First they got to come eat breakfast at our cafe. They all looked so cute dressed in their best. One of the little boys, Bosco, was wearing a suit :) After that we took the kids to Jinja a bigger town about and hours drive from Iganga) to go swiming. It was a lot of fun.
6) I played basketball again the other day and within the first 5 minutes of being there I fell. I tried to be tough and walk it off but after a few minutes i looked down and blood was running everywhere. Playing was fun but i don't like the gravel and red dirt floor. There is no actually running or cutting because you will definitely go down. I'm sure me falling won't surprise anyone. I also shot and air ball :( lol.
7) I am going on a trip to Sipi Falls this weekend with my roommate Erina. It should be a good "solo" girls weekend :) I heard it's very beautiful at Sipi.]
8) Our new volunteer Bryan made it and he came bearing another pair of jeans for me that my mom sent him :) I was so excited.

Well that's all i have for now because my eyes keep closing on me. I'm sure I'll remember something I wanted to write to you after I go to bed. Any important left out information will be shared at a later date. I will try my best to update in the near future. :) Until next time...bye for now :)

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