Monday, March 15, 2010

House Guests

Here's a quick update on my day yesterday because I am currently the only person wide awake in my house at 5:45 a.m. When do I ever get up before the sun? but I'm pumped to see the sunrise :)
1) We have a few house guests that I would not be so fond of if I was living at home but for some reason (b/c I am here) I am not freaking out. They include a huge cocroach i saw yesterday climbling the wall while brushing my teeth, a few little mice that scamper from couch to couch, and that's pretty much it now but I expect to see some other weird bugs!
2) PiPi showed me and another new volunteer, Erina, around Iganga main street yesterday. He is our coordinator so was asking us all these questions about what we wanted to do while here. If everything works out like I hope, I'll be volunteering the first part of the day with the hospital (hopefully with physical therapy) then working at the new cafe we are opening( it is super nice for Iganga standards, so cute!) then spending the evening with the kids until about dark (7pm) then back to the house for roommate time. That's all tentative but I hope it works.
3) I exchanged some money and bought water. A 1.5 liter bottel costs about 50 cents or 1000 schillings! so cheap.
4) I made lots of paper beads at Musana for the jewelry that they sell. my skills improved much by the end of the day.
5) I was a jungle gym for preschool kids for about 2 hours (noon to 2) longest recess of my life...bring it on again today.
6) I brought fingernail polish which everyone loved (even the boys)! My glitter one broke in the bag so I am gonna find it place for days to come. It's still on my hands.
7) Kids absolutely love their picture being taken...the instant gratification of seeing themselves can almost be too much to handle...I had a fight break out and a crying was time to put the camera away lol.
8) I held the little goat I've ever come in contact with walking to Musana cute! Then i got scared b/c Erina told me it looked sick and I had no way to wash my hands besides plain Ugandan water for the next 8 hours.
9) I used a squaty potty...a hole in the ground surrounded by wood panels and lots of flys/gnats. Pretty gross, but I'll deal. At our house we have what they refer to hear as a "proper" toilet.

Ok well the sun is starting to come up so I'm heading out to my porch to see it.
Thanks for following. Until next time...bye for now :)

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